Kemper Tools

Kemper Tools - for beginners through experts, the hobbyist through professional, Kemper has designed and manufactured the best quality ceramic tools in the world for over 50 years.

Carving Tools Easily carve small and miniature details.  Perfect for that extra touch.  Steel blades are formed and precision ground to a sharp point.
Clean Up Tools Clean Up Tools have many uses, but are primarily used for "clean up" slip cast greenware by removing imperfections (seam lines and mold marks) and enhancing and sharpening cast in details.
Cutter Tools Cutters are cutters, need we say more?
Hole Punches Hole Punches provide and easy method for cutting clean holes in wet thick-walled greenware and we clay.  All have sharp polished brass cutting tubes.  Smaller ones have wood handles while larger ones are covered with a rubber cap for comfort.

All the basic pottery tools required for the professional as well as the beginner.

Knives Fettling Knifes are used to to trim pour hole waste, remove mold marks, or carve and sculpt ceramics and greenware.  F97 has a hard tempered blade and F96 has a soft steel blade that allows it to bend.
Lace Tools Lace Tools have a point for pressing lace and stainless steel foot.   They are 6 3/4 inches in length and have hardwood handle for your comfort.
Loop Tools Loop Tools - Large Loop Tools are used to remove controlled amounts of clay from wheel-thrown and sculpture pieces.  - Small Loop Tools are used to provide a method of sgraffito and small detail work.
Misc. Tools Look here if you can't find it.
Ribs Ribs are used for shaping, smoothing, and finishing pottery.
Ribbon Tools Ribbon Tools are made from thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads.  These tools give you a sharp cutting edge with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
Wire Tools


Wire Tools are made with .035" diameter wire end and provide the potter and sculptor with a series of shapes.  They are designed for light cutting and slicing as well as removing controlled amounts and shapes of clay.
Wood Tools Wood Tools are used for cutting, slicing, smoothing, contouring, and pattern decorating in soft clay.

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