Duncan™ Glazes

Duncan has led the way in producing nontoxic glazes that give you the best quality while protecting your safety and our environment. These nontoxic products are so versatile and easy-to-use, that you can work with them for all your projects worry-free.


 - Lead free and dinnerware-safe glazes that produce a gloss finish in a range of colors. Some are transparent and some are opaque (or somewhere in-between.)



 - These unique, self-antiquing, lead-free matte glazes result in rich varied color with no two firings giving exactly the same results. Courtyard Art Glazes work well with Concepts  Underglazes for Majolica and Bisque.


 - Satin Glazes are so named because of their soft, muted sheen. They move very little during firing, which makes them ideally suited for creative design work, majolica and controlled glazing techniques.

Crystals & Crackles™

 - These beautiful glazes are non toxic and lead free, but not all are recommended for dinnerware due to their texture.


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