The CERAMIC Source carries a variety of cone 10 clays only.  Clays will not be shipped and can be picked up at The CERAMIC Source.  Please email us for availability.

Sandstone Buff Quyle Kilns 25 lbs - $7.25

An excellent general purpose clay, firing range from cone 04 to cone 10, with an optimum recommended range for best glaze fit from cone 4 to 10.  It fires to a warm buff color when fired in the normal oxidizing atmosphere of an electric of gas kiln.  Under reduction a dark toast or brown color is developed.

Soldate 60 Laguna 25 lbs - $8.00
Rod's Bod Laguna 25 lbs - $8.00
Dave's Porcelain Laguna 25 lbs - $8.25
Mac Claymaker 25 lbs - $9.25

A unique porcelaneous stoneware specifically formulated to achieve throwability, resistance to thermal shock and whiteness befitting a true production porcelain.  Ideal for functional wares on the wheel as well as large pieces, and white enough to pass as porcelain.

Silverstone Quyle Kilns 25 lbs - $10.50

Silverstone is for the more advanced potter.  It fires to a very light buff, almost light white, under oxidation, and an excellent light ash-grey under reduction.  Like all vitreous bodies, extra care must be taken to protect the foot of the piece while firing.  You can not use stilts, but a good quality kiln wash will prevent sticking.



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