Rusty Wheel Pottery
Rocklin, California


Rusty comes from a long history of artists, but had never been satisfied with his own creative skills.  He tried calligraphy, drawing, painting and even a spell at the potter's wheel in high school.  Everything attempted was either "missing something," not "perfect" or just seemed "out of place."  At a young age, he simply decided his 'art gene' was missing.


Several years after college, while visiting his mother (an art teacher), he noticed a pottery wheel on her back porch.  For fun, Rusty asked her to teach him and she agreed knowing she would never get around to it.  He finally decided to take classes at the local community college to prove to her that he really wanted to give it a try.


Rusty studied at Sierra College for four years before delving out on his own.  While most of his pottery is functional, he is now branching out into the more artsy raku style.  He is planning on continuing this adventure to see where it takes him.

 You may contact Rusty directly at rusty@cclay.com



"Life is Short, Art is Long."


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