Freechild Studio
1324 Romac Trail
Knightdale, NC 27545


email - jgarland@nc.rr.com


Potters John Garland and Mary Paul of Freechild Studio are excited to introduce you to their unique style of ceramic art. John and Mary create individual and collaborative clay works that are colorful, artistic and often whimsical. Their earthenware pottery is alive with pattern, design and vibrant color inspired by nature and figurative forms. “Our functional pottery is dishwasher and oven safe and free of any toxic glaze chemicals.”

What is our process? Our low fire pottery is thrown or hand built, dried and bisque fired. Bisque firing makes the ware strong enough to receive glaze. The intense hues that cover our pots are the result of under glazes painstakingly applied using needlepoint bottles and lots of patience. Each original design is drawn directly onto the pot. When the design is complete, the work is fired a second time to set the underglaze colors. After this second firing, three coats of clear glaze are brushed over the color. The piece is fired a third time at a higher temperature to melt the clear glaze. The completed work is smooth, shiny and vitreous.

Our technique has evolved based upon our many explorations with clay bodies, glazes and firing methods. Over the years, John and Mary have worked in a variety of ceramic styles including Majolica and high-fired stoneware. Surface decoration and color have always been a passion for John while Mary enjoys exploring the potential of hand-built forms. Their individual styles have brought them to the perfect collaboration of form and surface.

We also work in cone 10 Porcelain. John feels compelled to work in several styles to satisfy his need for developing color and design at all temperature ranges. John began studying pottery making in North Carolina in the mid eighties. He attended classes at Montgomery Tech, Penland School and the NC State Craft Center as well as apprenticing with several state potters. Mary, originally from Wisconsin, studied pottery making in Milwaukee at Alverno College where she focused on creating art pieces in stoneware.

A workshop at Arrowmont Craft School brought Mary to the south and to John, another perfect collaboration. John Garland and Mary Paul have shown their work in North Carolina and in Wisconsin at galleries, shops and art fairs. They both agree, “We love making pots and we want our work to make you smile.”

John and Mary's work can be seen at www.freechildstudio.com

Or you may contact them directly at jgarland@nc.rr.com


2005 Shows



Artsplosure  www.artsplosure.org May 21 & 22
Art in The Park www.blowingrock.com June 11
Art in The Park www.blowingrock.com August 13
Lazy Daze www.townofcary.org August 27
Potteryfest Wake Forest September 10
Wake Forest Studio Tour www.artistsstudiotour.com October 8 & 9
Lovejoy Christmas Show Lovejoy Pottery, Wendell December 3
Boylan Art Walk www.boylanheights.org December 4


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